Monthly Archives: January 2015

Heart: Motive Matters. Take Time to Question.

fireMy new home sports an old model Jotul woodstove. The warmth emanated by this cast iron jewel spreads like coconut oil on toast. It soaks into my living space, saturating it with an embracing, gentle heat.

I usually build a pre-dawn fire. Some days I ignite the kindling to cut the nip in the morning air so as to more comfortably enjoy a cup of locally mixed “immuni-tea”.  Other times simply to nurture Ruby (my faithful cat), who loves to settle herself under the stove and absorb its heat.

We build numerous fires in our lives. We spark projects and relationships that we coax to life and feed with our attention, our choices, our feelings and our actions. These are our external fires.

The Heart also blazes.   It flames with sacred aims and exquisite qualities. But perhaps most importantly in relation to our outer fires it is alight with Motive.   When an outer fire (project/relationship) is burning out of control or faltering or smoldering with pain, then a fit and powerful action is to commune with the inner fire.    Meditation, prayer, and song (among others) are tried and true ways to sit with the heart, as if with a friend. and to question; “What is my Heart’s Motive?’ And then looking at the outer fire to consider “Why am I building this outer fire?   Is it burning with Heart Motive at its core?”

Like the faithful Jotul woodstove, the Heart fires can be trusted to emanate heat and warmth that fortifies. Heat and warmth that strengthens courage for necessary “letting go’s” – addictions, ignorance, self-limitations. Heat and warmth that stirs devotion to building outer fires that burn clear and bright with the Heart’s Motive.

What fires are you building and tending in your life?   What Motive burns bright in your Heart?

Heart: Anonymous Giving. No Strings. No Selfies.

magnolia I count on Magnolia grandiflora.   When I am depleted, she endures. When day after day of low-hanging winter grey saps my spirits, her anciently-genomed greenery remains. And she shares it, compassionately comprehending and responding to my seasonal depletion.  She desires no “likes.” Seeks no “hits”, no “comments.” Posts no “selfies.” She simply shines with abandon even in the dull winter light and seems ever renewed. My eyes and my heart and my light-starved brain drink in her resilience. And when the sun does break through on that surprise 60 degree day, well, her beauty simply radiates.

In her presence I am inspired to draw on my sacred primordial genome. I reach for my heart’s power to give.  Without strings.  Without recognition.  To meet a need.  I remember the quiet peace and renewing centripetal power that comes with giving unseen.  Do you know that feeling?

Have you been the beneficiary of anonymous giving?  What is your story?

In the enduring light of Magnolia grandiflora, I set spontaneous, anonymous giving as my fitness goal.