Heart: Anonymous Giving. No Strings. No Selfies.

magnolia I count on Magnolia grandiflora.   When I am depleted, she endures. When day after day of low-hanging winter grey saps my spirits, her anciently-genomed greenery remains. And she shares it, compassionately comprehending and responding to my seasonal depletion.  She desires no “likes.” Seeks no “hits”, no “comments.” Posts no “selfies.” She simply shines with abandon even in the dull winter light and seems ever renewed. My eyes and my heart and my light-starved brain drink in her resilience. And when the sun does break through on that surprise 60 degree day, well, her beauty simply radiates.

In her presence I am inspired to draw on my sacred primordial genome. I reach for my heart’s power to give.  Without strings.  Without recognition.  To meet a need.  I remember the quiet peace and renewing centripetal power that comes with giving unseen.  Do you know that feeling?

Have you been the beneficiary of anonymous giving?  What is your story?

In the enduring light of Magnolia grandiflora, I set spontaneous, anonymous giving as my fitness goal.

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