Effort: Get Your Head into the Heart’s Game

angel 1“I can’t help you if you don’t have your head in the game.” That was the message my karate teacher gave to a fellow student last week.

I knew what he was talking about. The mind can be a powerful ally or a distracting foe.  When I first moved into my woodland house in November, my thoughts were pocked with worry. My mind was exhausted from intense months of navigating unfriendly seas. Yet, except when I was formally meditating, I couldn’t get my thoughts to rest or release into rejuvenating creativity. The judgments and defensive strategizing just kept on coming.

At that point my mind definitely wasn’t fit for contemplating let alone pursuing my highest Heart aims.   Sacred motivations need a mind that discerns healthy boundaries, but doesn’t degrade with criticism. A joyful mind that sees with compassionate clarity, unafraid of unhealed wounds, personal and planetary. A curious mind that is open to elegant solutions, rather than replaying outworn scenarios. An innocent, playful mind that revels in figuring out how to fulfill the Heart’s desire.

Some say that the mind is like a monkey, swinging and chattering from here to there. I prefer to think of the mind as being like many of the three and four year olds that come into my shop with their parents.   Energized and creative, these kids need something to engage them. For that reason when we expanded our technology business into a new storefront several years ago, one of our top priorities was to create a kids play table.

Directing my mind to beauty is like taking a child to play at the kids’ table. It lifts my thoughts into the creative vibration of my Heart aims (and keeps me out of trouble).   Clarity, discernment, joy, and possibility become my allies. That changes everything.   Relationship questions and everyday circumstances become manageable. Energy is available for the projects and people I care about most.

I’ve relied on touchstones to train my mind away from preoccupation and into the Heart’s service these past many weeks.   Symbols, a song, a scent, a  pleasing object (such as the angel poised outside my kitchen window) aid through their beauty.  Their elegant harmony reveals, via contrast, draining thoughts and draws the mind back into the Heart’s game where it belongs.

How do you keep your mind primed for your cherished aims and Heart motivations?

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