Effort: Honoring Earth Memories

grassesThis land remembers. The limestone, the White River, the patient hillsides rising from historic Blue Spring remember the feet and spirit of the Cherokee people who passed through this territory on the forced march from Georgia in 1839.

I felt these energy memories the first weekend I arrived to live on quiet Blue Spring Road.   Radiant. Palpable. Ripe with Suffering. Rich with a people’s inherent Dignity.   It was just a matter of touching the Earth and listening with Heart.

This morning I sat in the drizzle on the roadside, watching the next round of sleet and snow approach from the West.   Another cold, grey day, yet the surrounding umber grasses glowed visually warm, fire keepers of last Autumn’s sun.   I thought of the Cherokee and the many other Native and early European people who sought healing and peace at Blue Spring. I recalled, as I do each day in meditation, contemporary friends striving to live authentically with a spirit service and meaningful action.

Do they make a difference?   These acknowledgments and remembrances?   I can’t say for sure. But my experience here, on this stretch of hallowed ground indelibly touched by the Trail of Tears, tells me that the fortitude of the Human Heart is our fire to keep, to tend.   Through remembering. In honoring. Through acknowledgment. In our effort to live and walk with dignity upon the Earth.

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