Effort: Let Memory Rule

crocus 2Last week I joined the core circle of the Heart of Many Ways.   This was a risk for me.  Memories of spiritual community dysfunction, in other words memories of my former life, threw up warnings on all sides.  In truth I’m not quite finished unraveling the lingering knots of misused power and my own naivete.

Yet the beautiful potential of meaningful, cooperative creativity persists in my heart, like a bulb waiting for the opportune rain, sunlight and warmth of springs.   I can’t uproot it.  Nor do I want to.

The Heart of Many Ways’ mission of maintaining a shared physical home for people of all faiths and spiritual paths strikes a worthy note.  Yet it is the active commitment to consensus decision-making that actually precipitated my decision to accept the invitation to participate.  An invitation in my mind to learn and to contribute.

Experience has ingrained in me a few requirements for collective blossoming and thriving.  The application of relational skills that build understanding, along with processes (such as consensus decision making) which nurture group and individual creative power are two.  At the root of these outer practices must stand spiritual memory, an abiding, active remembrance of Heart-fullness and Communion.  Many faiths, many ways, lead to the reclamation and flowering of this Memory. The challenge is to make it so.

In your experience what is essential for cooperative endeavors in the family, community or otherwise?

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