Endurance: Find and Commit to Your Story

daffodilsSpring peepers and fearless hail-battered daffodils saturate the Ozarks with vernal song and color. They exude Existence.  Confidently, naturally, playing their parts in the Season’s theatrical emergence.

How to do we find our way to such certitude of Being and Expression? How do we discover, claim, grow, and re-grow into our individual Sacred Role, our Natural Niche, as we and our life circumstances shift and mature within the Planet’s rapidly evolving narrative?

Blogger Christa Rose Avampato recently offered a wise post on the subject of change and life purpose, emphasizing the necessity of perseverance, alertness, and self-awareness.

I add the suggestion of paying attention to the archetypal stories and deep-sourcing myths whose symbols appeal to the imagination and stir the Heart’s curiosity.   Hero?  Warrior?  Healer? Mother? Bard?  Traveler?  Fire Keeper? Chalice? Dagger? Rose? Desert? Mountain Top?

Dropping into a character’s essence and mission evokes hints of our own potentiality and direction.  Thoughtfully considered in relation to current life circumstances, these intimations catalyze Self-clarity and prepare us to choose.  To act day by day. Stretching.  Experimenting.  Building endurance of Being and Expression. Claiming our role.  Perhaps even glimpsing Life’s guiding Intention and affirming our place therein.

I’m currently delving into stories of alchemists and the Great Healing.  I feel this is not a final myth for me, but rather a much-needed transitional one, urging transfiguration of fears blocking full action on long-held writing aspirations.  It’s not an easy role for me, but what heart-worthy effort is?

What myths or approaches keep you in touch with your purpose?

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