Endurance: Draw on Great Powers

violetsBirthing great goals necessitates calling on great powers. Not powers separate from ourselves.   But rather pulsing reservoirs of creativity and vitality existing beyond our self-defined ring-pass-not’s.

Reaching into such reservoirs means trespassing beyond self-circumscribed notions of personal intellect, desire and strength. Stretching into the unpredictable wild of energetic interplay. Adventuring into intimate co-inspiration and opening to exponential uplift. I find this broadening applies equally to the completion of finite projects and pursuing long-term aims, such as living a transformative life rich with challenge, friendship and meaning.

Mother Earth is perhaps our most natural, go-to beyond-self resource. Simply touching Her with bare hands and feet pulls us into Her replenishing circulation and eases us out of our modern electro-magnetic overload. Plenty of “Earthing” websites will attest to this renewing phenomena, but how much more potent to check it out for oneself: squishing toes into a humble patch of untreated row house lawn, resting full body amongst the season’s lush wildflowers (mind the ticks and chiggers), or plunging waist deep into a brisk spring river. Moment upon moment of earth-touching recharges our endurance and boosts hope, courage and the sense of possibility — all essential to great pursuits.

I’ve applied this principle in a small way, as the weather has warmed, shifting to practicing karate barefooted on a stone patio interspersed with vigorous violets. I know my workday technologically-taxed mind and middle-aged body need the balancing, vitalizing terrestrial input if I’m to carry the strength and vigor necessary for my upcoming yellow belt test.

Earth also gifts other powers. She welcomes dynamic creative communion.   In concert with our eyes, our ears, taste, touch, smell and intuition, She widens, encourages and hones, inspiring authentic sculpture, cookery, and poetry among other arts. My friend, Lorna Trigg Hirsch, paints vibrant feminine images with expansive names like Cloud Flyer and Shooting Universal Stars; each a heart-sourced expression conceived through interaction with lake-sculpted stones, local caves, and plants.

In addition to the Earth’s biology and creative spirit, trans-personal power resides in the very intent of our goals themselves. This is the power of goodwill. A convergence of heart-held commitment and action dedicated to the good of another or to shared good. A power which, I have found, connects the human heart and effort to greater evolutionary forces and results in a cycle of tremendous creative outflow and renewing centripetal inrush.   Invocation and Evocation so to speak.

My friend, Miguel, playfully reminded me of the power of goodwill this week when he set out to make a unique birthday video card for a young relative. You can check out his unverified world-record-tying results here.

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