Earth: What is Our Legacy?

lilyinpattisgardenThursday in meditation I wondered at the ongoing legacy of Earth within our solar system.   What lasting effect flows from our complex and changing biology? From our human creativity and ignorance? Questions within which I could see and sense possibilities, but could not definitively answer. Perhaps you’ve gathered some clear insights through your contemplation.

Our individual legacies do, however, wait within the realm of dream-able and actionable.   It’s never too early or too late to begin preparing soil, planting seeds and encouraging the blossoming of our contributions on earth. Now is the perfect moment!

Grand public legacies inspire and benefit the common good. But can also intimidate. Don’t let the heralded donation of a thousand acres, dampen your cultivation of a bed of lilies that pleases the Heart and delights the imagination of friends and neighbors today and into the future. I am reminded of this each morning as I enjoy the progressive coloring of my landlady’s lovingly constructed landscaping.

Private legacies pack immediate and enduring potency. A meal with neighbors gifts understanding. An honest conversation between lovers bequeaths trust.  Listening to stories of an aging parent transfers family riches.   Pursuing the Heart’s inspirations with full gusto releases a wealth of enthusiasm and stick-to-it-ness, especially when the journey’s core ideas, hardships and successes are shared in conversation with friends.

I find building such intimate legacies requires fitness in valuing and claiming small moments.   Small moments filled with great Heart, free from technological distractions and virtual allures. Small moments rich in authentic human-ness.  Small moments, that whatever our destiny, whatever our fate as a species or a planet, shine together as a bright Earthen legacy.

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