Food: When the proverbial cupboard is stripped bare, thrive on the Good

Beer Can LitterThis week a dear friend called and told me of enduring public demeaning by an angry spiritual colleague.  She had walked away with her emotional reserves stripped bare; her dreams of cooperation suddenly starved of possibility.

After countless prayers and uttered affirmations to the Heart, it’s a painful irony that spiritual circles can deliver devastating putdowns wrapped in packaging of “intuitive wisdom” justified by “Guidance.” Have you been there?  I have.  It’s a shocking, empty place to suffer.

Like this wasteland, most crises, whether deeply personal or planetary, are burning grounds offering a challenging gift: an abundant opportunity to regenerate and thrive. A key power point exists in choosing what to consume.

Avoid Self-numbing trash.   Revive and thrive on the Good.

I visited my friend the following morning. She is a strong, vivacious woman. She spoke lucidly about what had occurred and what she will do differently if another such circumstance arises. Still her anguished paleness shocked me. But by afternoon, her voice carried a note of heartiness.

“I’m resting at the base of my altar,” she said. “I’m watching the trees and the sunlight. I have talked to another supportive friend.”  She was feeding on the Good.

Do you know what truly nourishes and revives you? What replenishes your vibrancy, strength, and Heart? And what, in contrast, undermines your well-being despite its appetizing appeal?

Meditation is one of my go-to renewing “foods.”. I’m also actively training to choose push-ups or a power nap over even brief facebook carousing.  The latter while appearing relaxing, stretches me into all kinds of de-energizing, extraneous details.

Can you engage your fit choices in an instant?   Practice when your days are easy. Practice when a day is hard.  Seek help when needed.  Next time an interaction or event raids your cupboard of cherished confidence, plans, or friendships, you’ll be better prepared to thrive your way out of the emptiness . . . and, as I’ve been learning in karate, perhaps to avoid the situation in the first place.

One situation we cannot avoid is our planetary circumstance.  Choosing to thrive on Good may seem a tiny bulwark against macro economic, technological and political forces promoting endless consumerism and a rush toward an ecological wasteland. But it is a choice within our power, and thus it is an essential, nourishing, goal-fit choice to make.

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