Spiritual Tribe: Communing Beyond Clicks (Cliques)

PrayersA friend and I recently started a weekly Personal and Planetary Prayer Gathering. She and I have shared an interest and resonance around practical heart-full living for several years. Ironically, hard endings cleared the way for our current cooperation. Each of us left behind once-cherished spiritual circles. Suddenly we both had the time and space.  Finalities spiral to beginnings; it all works out.

The Prayer Gatherings flow gently from silence to sharing to affirmation and radiatory blessings and back to silence. It’s a rhythmic ritual that welcomes and employs the Heart, blending organization with invitation of that spontaneous creative Chaos which evokes cooperation, commitments, contributions and compatibilities so Genuine and Embracing they must be rooted beyond rationality and predictability. You know the feeling.  It’s that outflowing, inflowing collaborative Grace.  It’s serving with one’s Spiritual Tribe.  It’s pushing the edge of the known and offering something together.

Group effort can bring immense challenges and sometimes disappointments.  Believe me, I know. There’s a certain safety in confining one’s participation to global online petition clicks and hanging out within well-defined social circles.  But deep down I think many of us are searching for more meaningful face to face communion, communion that breathes the breathe of united interplay and giving.  For me right now it’s the weekly prayer group.  What is it for you?

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