Wisdom: Experience’s Harvest

acornsNever have I seen acorns so plentiful and plump.  Hundreds upon hundreds cover the decks and gardens surrounding my home.

Even as I write, these lushly ripe oak offerings ping onto the earthy-red metal roof.  They zip into the worn wooden porch with a pop and a roll, reminding me of successful sounds emanating from a baseball batting cage.

I’m reminded too of the abundant harvest yielded by Life’s challenges. In particular the harvest of Wisdom: that reaping of Knowledge gleaned through seasons of experience and stored in the Heart like so many acorns, ready to nourish and to provide sustenance in the form of counsel, or action or non-action.

On a personal note, it seems fitting to me that I completed the final legal and financial release between myself and the spiritual community of which I was apart for many years, during this season of acorns.  The unwinding and rebuilding of the past many months wasn’t something I consciously asked for, but looking back I’m grateful for the struggle, the losses and all that has been gained — the lessons in forgiveness, strength, letting go, embracing, friendship, risking, and healing.  We’ll see what wisdom comes.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom: Experience’s Harvest

  1. Mary Tang

    Life’s only constant is change; that’s dependable. Sometimes it means there’s hope, sometimes fear and sometimes relief. Depends what you think of it.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Definitely, perception makes a fundamental difference in our sense of ourselves and our circumstances. What kind of plant is that that you displayed in your post?


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