Service: Feeding the Hunger to Give and Make a Difference

Hungry Bowls

Choose Your Bowl

Last Saturday I wiped clean my bowl of robust vegan mushroom soup with a hearty crust of bread.  Every morsel was worth savoring.  Not only because of the pleasing texture and taste, but  because of the occasion’s intent.

The Second Annual Hungry Bowls gathering, a local re-creation of the international Empty Bowls effort, raises awareness and money for Carroll County’s Flint Street and Loaves and Fishes Food Banks. The event is powered by my neighbor, Jim Wallace, and other area potters who handcraft hundreds of soup bowls and pull together the community dinner.

Jerry Jones and Friends$20 buys Hungry Bowl attendees a unique bowl of one’s choosing, a meal of soup and bread donated by local restaurants, and an evening of good company along with the toe-tapping music of Jerry Jones and Friends. All celebrated in the Eureka Springs High School cafeteria.  Simple.  Down home.

Potters Doug Powell and Jim Wallace

Potters Doug Powell and Jim Wallace

In this “click for a cause” world of online protests and petitions, I find real-time, tangible place, local flavor, neighbor-helping-neighbor efforts vitally refreshing and effective both in spirit and action. Hungry Bowls puts food on tables during the economically challenging winter months.  One one hand it doesn’t directly confront causes of the hunger scourge — income inequality, societal priorities, food waste,etc.  But on another it strikes at the very heart of the matter by releasing our human capacity for mutual awareness, practical action and cooperative effort.  And by nourishing our innate desire to give and make a difference.

What local effort is your Heart feeding and being fed by these days?

4 thoughts on “Service: Feeding the Hunger to Give and Make a Difference

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Mary, I’m excited to hear that you and another potter are inspired to plan an event!! Would love to hear about how it develops. You’ll be so pleased with the delighted smiles you’ll see as folks admire and look through the bowls you’ve created and become more aware of how they can make a difference in the local community. Also, thanks for the reblog.

      1. Mary Tang

        I’m back on training wheels this week; it’s been too long since I threw a bowl. 🙂 Will have to see some results before imposing the products on anyone.

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