Heart: Gift of a Spider’s Web

spiders webOn the road’s west shoulder vacation cabins root into the plummeting hillside; their wooden decks affording unobstructed views of the White River meandering below and the forest rushing up the far bank.

Visitors come from far across state lines to temporarily inhabit the cabins and breathe in the rural tranquility.  Expectant of Ozark vistas.  Hoping for view-friendly sunny skies. A hope sometimes smothered in lingering, low hanging clouds.   Alas.

On such a grey morning, on my daily walk along the road, an unexpected spider’s web caught my eye.  It clung to a vacationer’s car door with delicate firmness.  A glistening gift.

An instinctual arachnid construction. A death trap for insects. An unconditional Natural offering in sympathy for other beauty obscured?   

Reminding that a well-placed, spontaneous gift can uplift.  Encourage.  Restore hope.  Evoke a smile.  Even on grey days.

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