Heart: When Zinnias Takeover the World


zinniasMy Dad dug a zinnia patch next to his robust vegetable garden a few years before he died.  He created this butterfly-magnetizing oasis for my Mother, his beloved wife. Shade had overtaken her lakeside zinnia circle, and, knowing how she appreciated the intrepidly cheerful flowers, he took action.  A small kindness.  Motivated by appreciation.  Caring. Love.

I remember this simple act, when brazen cruelty takes the global stage. Or reveals itself in a heartbreaking snippet exposing suffering intentionally inflicted in some oft forgotten far away place.  Or even close to home.

I remember in honor of the Human Heart.   And to hold myself steady.

When I began planting zinnias in my own garden — more and more each year, a young friend joked about zinnias taking over the world.

What do you think? A takeover of kindness.  Caring.  Love.   A powerful spreading of the Heart.   A counterweight to cruelty.  A companion plant to unshakable resolve and courage.  One seed.  One act.  One Motive-filled moment after another.  And another.   

8 thoughts on “Heart: When Zinnias Takeover the World

  1. Jane

    I also have special memories of zinnias. My first little garden as a mother was planted with zinnias. My little toddler helped me plant the seeds. The variety was a cheerful colour and really lifted my spirits every time I saw them even when I was sleep deprived and feeling a little overwhelmed. It was such a lovely reminder when I saw your post title. It’s been years since I’ve thought of the zinnias. Love is certainly the answer to the cruelty in this world. In the midst of disaster caused by evil acts, we can be encouraged by the helpers who are always on the scene. The unselfish loving carers who will always be there. Love is always more powerful. Love prevails. Beautiful post, Jan. Thank you.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Thank you for reading and for sharing your personal Zinnia experience, Jane. You confirm for me that there is something especially emotionally uplifting about this flower! I love that you planted seeds with your child . . . what a wonderful way to encourage connection with the earth in a young heart. And thank you for your wise words about the omnipresent unselfish carers and your steadfast belief in the power of Love.


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