Heart: Arriving with an Imperfect Crust


Pie crusts plague me.  The very thought of creating the properly textured blend of flours, salt, fat, and liquid breaks me into a sweat.

Yet pie speaks irresistibly. Its geometry asserts wholeness and the union of pieces.  Its sweet and savory fillings — chilled, set, steaming — draw friends and family around tables through the seasons.   Nourishing.   Encouraging conversation.  Who can resist this satisfying togetherness?

Not I, even with my crust-making phobia.

In October I agreed to co-host(ess) a neighborhood pie potluck.   Suddenly the challenge of patting together a passable crust — preferably low in sugar and gluten –was sitting front and center in my kitchen.  Over three weeks, I practiced and tested, eventually settling on an almond crust, easily pressed into a 9-inch pan.

In this experimental process I nearly surrendered the unifying spirit of the pie gathering to my personal desire for approval and narrowly defined success.  Fortunately I sorted our my motives.  I arrived at the party with a slightly imperfect crust. But with my Heart in the right place.  And that was quite good enough.

3 thoughts on “Heart: Arriving with an Imperfect Crust

  1. Jane

    Pastry has given me similar feelings in the past and once I went gluten free it got a little trickier. I’m glad you were satisfied in the end to take your wonderful offering with its less than perfect crust. I’m sure it tasted delicious! 🙂


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