Effort: Lifted by Angel Wing Begonias


Suddenly the angel wing begonias have bloomed.  Or perhaps I, touched by a bit of pre-Winter Solstice sunlight depletion, have suddenly noticed their unapologetic vigor filling my living room.

I took this noticing as a hopeful sign.  A sign that despite the fact I have been somewhat struggling with push ups, sit ups, meditating, organization, and general emotional buoyancy, part of me still remembers vitality.

Fitness (physical, emotional, mental spiritual) isn’t won or lost in a day or even a short string of days.   Consistent effort establishes skill, steadfastness, and strength.  It also builds memory.   Memory of physical wellness, emotional loveliness, mental clarity and luminous intuition.

In periods of stress or fragility, this memory serves as salvaging, go-to patterning.   Reliable.  Trusted.  It can be evoked through consciously choosing proximity to and engagement with the positive (people, places, projects). And also through unexpected encounters  . . . .such as that with winter’s blossoming begonias.





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