Endurance: Googling “Chakra” on a Wintry Day


Google gave me 25,600,000 entries in .42 seconds when I typed “chakra” into the search bar.  That’s a lot of ideas at my finger tips.  A lot of knowledge.  Some wisdom.  And undoubtedly a full collection of images, depicting the swirling spinal energy centers identified in spiritual traditions as a convergence of body and soul, matter and consciousness.

Despite the public ubiquity of chakra material, I find the subject to be quite personal and requiring an individual approach.  Perhaps you have your own story to share on this outlook.

I was counseled early on in my spiritual quest to be aware of the chakras, but not to focus specifically on developing them.  That felt right to me, primarily because I was a spiritual novice and sensed my path would be one of slow endurance rather than rapid progress.  So through trial and error over the years I’ve concentrated on cultivating values and health.  On finding purpose. And taking action.   Perhaps my chakras have changed in color or shape over the years, perhaps not.

Still the ideal beauty and evolutionary promise of the chakras, as symbols of the Human journey, stay with me. I was reminded of this beauty today on an early afternoon walk, when I happened upon a gathering of icicles touched by the Sun’s rays.   A momentary convergence of form and light.


4 thoughts on “Endurance: Googling “Chakra” on a Wintry Day

  1. Mary Tang

    You are a seeker and you see the beauty that is embodied in the natural world as well as in the nature of spirituality. I have no doubt you will find what you seek. I am certain that you are on the right path.


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