Earth: Finding Our Way

Signal TreeAn oak bends and rises just off the north corner of my back deck.  A graceful genuflect.  Or perhaps a forced position.  Word has it this may be a Signal Tree of the sort sculpted by Native Americans or later settlers to mark the way.  This one points to the river valley.

Looking at that guiding tree reminds me that my individual direction and our human destiny is indivisible from Earth.  Thus, we are well served to enjoy time with Her.  To observe and listen to Her wisdom, Her signs and signals.  To find our way in harmony with Her.

You can read more about Signal Trees and the effort to document them here.

8 thoughts on “Earth: Finding Our Way

  1. John Northcutt Young

    Jan, thinking how this signals twice. Young to the original destination and after growing, up—another life lesson thanks to Mother Earth. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      I like it too, Mary! After reading about the signal trees I started wondering if there are other marking systems used by earth-connected people in other parts of the world . . . and what these systems are. Stacked stones (cairns) would be one I suppose. Thanks for your comment.


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