Earth: Lost in Desert Light



sabinoThe Earth offers abundant gifts.   One I cherish most is late Winter hiking in the Sonoran desert.  I love the silence, the invigorating air, and the spectacularly hardy flora. From the bold Cholla to the humble, mosslike Resurrection Plant.  But most of all I love the Light.


Light. It’s everywhere.  Penetrating.  Surrounding.  Embracing.  Pouring from the sun.  Radiating from the prickly palette of vibrant arid browns and greens.  Inviting exploration.  Immersion.  Meditation.  Healing.

Mount Wasson

For four days at January’s end my Mom and I hiked our favorite Southern Arizona landscapes. Mount Wasson, rising from an expansive saguaro sea.   Madera Canyon’s progression from riparian woodlands to absorbing views of Mount Wrightson’s snow drenched peaks.   Sabino Canyon with its back country trails and gushing tannin-stained stream.

I had encountered a difficult loss and some rigorous professional challenges in the preceding week. The luminous meeting of earth, sun and spreading sky evaporated my concerns and melted my sorrow, creating space.  Where a phrase associated with Capricorn: Lost am I in Light Supernal, yet on that Light I turn my back arose for contemplation.  In my heart.  And mind.

My understanding of astrology and astronomy levels in at basic.  But certain aspects, such as this Capricorn keynote, have experiential appeal to me. The desert beckoned me into its Light and invited me into the enveloping Luminosity of my greatest hopes and interlacing dreams for the Earth, the human family, my friends, family, and myself.  This Light renewed my strength and prepared me to return to the Ozarks and my everyday responsibilities with refreshed initiative, optimism, courage, and creativity.

desert flower

(Note: Capricorn in late January?  No, according to current mainstream astrology.  Yes, in the view of astronomically-based “real time” astrology which looks at the sun’s transit of the ecliptic in relation to the constellations, as they appear in the night sky.  Click here  for more information about this system).


6 thoughts on “Earth: Lost in Desert Light

  1. Mary Tang

    I am glad to know that you found solace in nature and the support and companionship of a mother. The landscape looks so foreign to me yet it’s beautiful all the same.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Thank you, Mary. One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is getting a peak into another bloggers landscape and world. For example your orchard delights me . . . I never would have imagined such a lush urban oasis!

  2. Jane

    I used to live in very arid desert-like areas of Australia and the transformation that occurred after rain was startling. Suddenly the barren red sandy soil would erupt in a carpet of vibrant wildflowers. Flocks of parrots would appear out of nowhere it seemed as waterholes filled again. But even during dry times the desert was teeming with life that was often hidden unless we searched for it or ventured out at night. There is a stark beauty to a desert and I love the space, peace and inspiration it gave me. It was a place easy to meditate in and the million star skies at night a reminder of the awesome nature of the universe. It’s a place many may consider to be harsh and dead, but for me was where I could feel re-born. I’m so glad you found your trip therapeutic, Jan. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts and beautiful images.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Thank you for putting forth such an extraordinary image of desert richness, Jane — truly written from the heart and the grace of experience! In addition to the physical descriptions, I love what you said about meditation, the universe, death, transformation and re-birth. Thank you for reading and for your support. Hope you are well.


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