Sound and Silence: Amidst a wordy week


The week has been full of necessary words – read, spoken, heard, written, thought.  Personal.  Professional.    And it’s only Tuesday.

More than ever silent interludes are claiming my gratitude and replenishing my equilibrium and passion for life.   I linger over teeth brushing.   Relish dishwashing’s contemplation.   Treat myself to meditation under the stars at night and on the exercise bike in the morning.

Slipping into silence reminds me of the spring buckeye poised to unfurl; both being ripe with potential and unfolding beauty.  Both of sacred design.  Both so enticing and pleasing during these busy days of spring.

What do you enjoy most about inner or outer silence?  Or both? And how do you cultivate silence in your life?


















13 thoughts on “Sound and Silence: Amidst a wordy week

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Solitude certainly has its advantages, Mary. Especially when surrounded by nature, as in the garden you have created for yourself in the midst of a city. So glad you cherish your silent moments . . . I imagine that goes with being a poet.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Totally agree, John. Sacredizing everyday moments is like stringing thread of luminous pearls. And what’s better than clothes freshly dried on the line!!!

  1. aranislandgirl

    Sorry to post a link, but so relevent…

    I just read the above yesterday and no coincidence that I am here on your blog today. I have been craving silence…think aboutit daily, it’s so elusive.. Inner and outer silence is so precious to me.

    The sounds of the world are amplified when I’m in nature, yet it’s blissful silence to my ears. It doesn’t demand to be understood or answered, just to be with it. That is my happy, silent place.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Great link! Makes me think of all the folks in the world who have the tv on in the background in order to “relax” . . . how much more healing true silence would be. I love what you said about silence in nature — a wonderful reminder that silence is not so much about the absence of “noise” or “sound” but about the quality or tone it evokes and promotes in the body and soul. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

    I am an only child so silence has always been a part of my life. But, I have my moments when I need music, and the mute button on the TV is always close at hand. Balance is good. But, I have to wonder about our younger generation who have a headset on, playing a video game, while looking at a phone or a tablet. I don’t think they are looking for silence. Maybe when they are more mature they will find the beauty in silence. 🙂

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      I grew up in a family of eight — perhaps that’s one reason why I truly crave outer silence!! Had not considered the silence of being an only child, but it makes complete sense. I think you also point out the value of balance and of conscious decision making, Judy. As for the younger generation, we seem to live in a time of distraction and overstimulation . . . at work we have our demo tv on and the guys are always wanting to show off the 4 screens at once feature; it gives me a headache just to think about it — even with the sound turned off — ha, ha.

    2. aranislandgirl

      Judy @ NEGAT- I wonder is it the parents of these children who are seeking the silence? I work at a hotel and constantly observe children from several months through single digit years who are glued to a screen while their parents dine and converse, most often without much interruption from the child. They are all at the same dinner table, but miles apart. I have only been there one year, but my coworkers say that it’s only in this time frame that it has really become a trend, seeing it weekly if not a couple times a day.

      1. Judy @ NewEnglandGardenAndThread

        I think what you are seeing is the norm in 2016. I was on a train a while back, and there was a family across the aisle. The Mom and Dad were each scrolling their phones. The toddler had a device of some type she was playing a game on, and the boy of about five was playing on an iPad. From the time I got on until the time I got off, not one of them spoke a word to each other. They were all just engrossed in their technology.

      2. Jan Schaper Post author

        Good point about the parents . . . technological child-sitting perhaps. Seems to me there’s a general trend of not really talking to each other these days. What do you think Judy, as the question was initially addressed to you?

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