Balance: Dealing with that Desire and Aversion Thing

Happy GoatsI’m journeying through the final hours of a 14-day cleanse.    The desire to massage away my daily chocolate cravings and generally reset my body chemistry motivated this attempt.

The last intentional cleanse I undertook was Kris Carr’s 21-day Crazy, Sexy Diet alkalizing regimen, which fundamentally simplified my vegan diet, boosted my self-confidence, and gave me a taste of  what vibrant health can be.

A few years and lots of change have passed since then, and somehow in that gap of time and events, I forgot about the emotional and spiritual re-centering that can accompany physical purification.  It’s an obvious reality, really, and an odd one for me to forget; perhaps a sign of how much I have truly needed to trace what has become an insatiable, distracting chocolate desire to its roots!

The Buddha teaches in his Four Noble Truths (at least as I understand them) that the cause of suffering is craving or thirst, which is expressed in the constant pursuit of external things, ideas, and experiences that appear to bring happiness, contentment and peace.   Frustratingly, the delivered satisfaction and relief are only temporary. This is chocolate’s bittersweetness.

Craving is fed by ignorance of, discomfort with, and distance from who we are.   The Buddha prescribes the Eightfold Path, leading to Enlightenment or Awakening, as the path for healing this dis-ease.

Cleansing, I’ve realized, works along these lines, simultaneously coaxing the body into balance, while providing space for gentle self-observation,  release from extensions and a subsequent re-centering.

What I’ve  found at the center during these two weeks has been me.  And perhaps more importantly me being ok, even happy, with me.   A healing, chocolate-free  enlightenment of sorts.

About the image of the goats, which starts this post:  I snapped their picture while journeying along a winding state highway to a house-warming last Sunday.   They seemed so happy with themselves, balanced on their traffic-watching log ,that I felt inspired to include them.

10 thoughts on “Balance: Dealing with that Desire and Aversion Thing

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Hi Marta, I haven’t been doing any formal yoga recently, as I’ve been focussing more in pilates and karate. I find that as long as I don’t think about balancing — for example while doing tree pose or crane in karate, then I can balance quite comfortably. But the minute I start thinking about it, well then the naturally centering that does occur just falls apart (or perhaps I should say . . . falls over). Do you practice yoga? What is your experience with balance?

      1. Marta Frant

        Exactly! I know what you’re talking about. I do practice yoga. It helps me find balance and refresh my thoughts and feelings. My favorite asana is warrior pose. It’s empowering and liberating and it also makes me feel stronger.

  1. spanishwoods

    Great post Jan. I have always been interested in this concept. Recently I bought a juicer and was trying to work up to a 30 day only juice experience. Unfortunately, I never got there. You have inspired me.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Thank you, Sylvia. You’ve brought me so much inspiration, I am happy to have reciprocated! I know you’ll find the right moment and format for your juicing. Summer is such a great time of year for juicing; I think the body really appreciates the extra liquid and freshness.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      It was one of those spontaneous, fun photos, Sheryl. Smartphone have improved so much over the years and really help to capture such moments. As for the goats, well, I didn’t see them on the way home. Thanks so much for reading.


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