Jan Schaper
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Bio: I lived in a small intentional spiritual community for just over a decade. In the autumn of 2014 that chapter of my life came to an unexpected close.  I now live in a small hillside cottage with my voluptuous cat, Ruby, and wonderful neighbors just a few stone throws away.

This change challenged my deepest notions of spirituality and inspired me to become more-down-to-earth about what it means to live courageously, efficaciously, with meaning, resilience, and full Heart during this pivotal time in our human and planetary life. I’ve created  this blog “Goal Fitness” to sort out my experiences and encourage sharing on this topic.

The fundamental growth challenges put forth in the 28 Rules for Initiation presented by Alice Bailey provide a very general pathway for my posts. However, this is not a Bailey-centric blog and I’m not a Bailey devotee nor do I appreciate academic spiritual debates. I’ve simply found that the progressive challenges presented in the 28 Rules evoke the goal fitness I seek.

Beyond this blog, my life activities include co-creating a small technology business with 3 friends, gardening, eating copious amounts of vegan food, and trying my hand at fiction writing.  I’m also working toward a yellow belt in karate.

I am grateful to my dear friend, Miguel Angel, who has encouraged me to pursue practical spiritual living with gusto.

12 thoughts on “About

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Hi Judy, Thanks for your comment and good wishes. Looks from your blog that you’ve been experiencing a personally touching and enjoyable overseas visit. I imagine once you return to New England that the season may have progressed enough to really dive into your garden!

  1. homebydawn

    Stumbled onto your blog today- it was the acorns that drew me in, as we are also having an abundant harvest; your ideas and your beautiful writing captivated me, and I will look forward to reading more! Thank you.

    1. Jan Schaper Post author

      Anne, thank you for your supportive comments. Glad the acorns caught your attention . . . I find that Nature offers us so much to notice and appreciate. Had a look at your blog and am quite impressed by your running accomplishments . .. especially since I’ve just started jogging myself and am happy when I can go for 15 – 20 minutes without stopping!

  2. faatimaishere

    Wow its nice to hear your story and brilliant how you took the challenges of life and saw them in their highest light. I just wanted to thank you for your continuous support on my blog, I really appreciate it.
    (also yay a fellow vegan!) 🙂



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