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Sound and Silence: Opera Inspired Prayer

operaA hearty union of orchestra and voice surged through the summer hills. It enveloped the evening frog chorus, integrated the fluttering of leaves and the day-ending bird songs.   Walking up Blue Spring Road, the sun painting the sky behind me, the White River cast in shadows below, I too was drawn into the fusing Sound.   My heart beat, my breath, my footsteps were absorbed into the interplay.

I expected the music to spiral to a peak. I waited for the applause to come. But the reverberating synthesis of human, plant, animal and earth carried on. Unstoppable. Sustaining. Elevating. Filling every moment. Every breath. Every inch with Life-enthusing Sound. I wish you could have been there to be part of it!

The students at Opera in the Ozarks set this Heart-stirring experience in motion with their opening performance of Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffman. The Opera of the Ozarks is located at Inspiration Point just ¼ mile from my house where Blue Spring Road and Hwy 6 come together. It commenced its 65th season this June.

I don’t know much about opera. But that evening’s spontaneous enveloping vibration struck a chord with me. The very feeling it evoked in my body exposed the possibility of upping my own Heart Song. Of being more energized in and expressive of Clarity, Devotion, Joy, Caring, Humor, and Strength in my relationships and life’s practical moments.

Drawing on the Operatic embrace, I have begun applying the power of spoken prayer and affirmation in addition to my usual meditation. Here’s a some partial phrasing I created and have been speaking: “May Evolution Proceed Afresh. Light Expands. Love Prevails. Power Emerges. For the Good. For the Good.  For the Good.”

For me practicing prayer through out the day builds inner and outer momentum for change. It evokes the Heart’s vibration. It infuses the mind and body with the Desired Note and creates a resonant surrounding field. And over time releases the Heart’s Song across the hills of everyday actions and interactions.

What is your experience with the gift of Heart-full spoken prayer?