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Mission: Questions on Being All In

FlagsMusings on Independence Day, July 4, started this post.  What of this closing line in the Declaration of Independence?  ” . . .with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”   Two hundred and forty years ago, these 56 men were all in.

What about today?  Am I all in on the missions and responsibilities I hold most urgent and dear.  With my life, my fortune, and sacred honor?

I play with the notion of this destiny, relying on divine Providence to go all in on climate change solutions and salvaging a livable world.  But truthfully I haven’t had the courage to fully imagine the steps and the elegant possibilities.

I talk to myself of balance.  And financial responsibilities.  And relational ties.  Of my current pleasures.  Am I falsely or correctly assuming their mutual exclusivity with “being all in?”

Is my reluctance a question of historical timing and the relative magnitude of world crises?  Maybe.  Although so many issues: climate, poverty, injustice -scream for full commitment.

What about my personal path?   My personal timing?  Is “all in” what’s meant to be?   I sit in initial conversation with my Soul.

Rare are the people I personally know who have chosen the path of full immersion.    They command my respect.

Meanwhile I take a step in that direction, carrying questions.









Balance: The Value of Standing on One Foot

shoeEver tried standing on one foot — yoga tree pose style — with your eyes closed?  We practice this in karate class to improve physical balance and psychological centering.  The very first few tries, I only lasted a few seconds.  But I’ve kept working on it, gradually linking  steady foot placement to focused outer vision, then eyes closed, drawing my attention inward, centering in the heart and the middle of the forehead.   Body, Heart, Inner and Outer Vision united in one effort.

When I face a life circumstance that is immensely important to me and to which I want to devote the best I have to give, I’ll practice this integrative balancing exercise.  It calms my doubts, lessens the pull of emotional desires and aversions and draws me into the power of my best effort.  Have you experienced something similar with another physical exercise?